As you read these words, know that you are worthy of having the level of success you desire – and the support to get you there.

“Rachel has brilliant precision like a surgeon, she goes straight to the heart of things and brings out people’s excellence. There’s not very many people in the world that can do that. I feel both completely loved and powered up in her presence. She is one of the very few women I know who whole-heartedly celebrates the glorious success of other women without reservation. I love this so much and have been deeply gifted by it”

Tiffany Carole, MS LAc

“Working with Rachel has been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done, both personally and professionally. She helped me learn to say “YES” to myself and to the things that bring me pleasure – this was such a major breakthrough for me! THAT alone has done wonders for my business because I can turn around and inspire my clients to do the same!

So many of my fears around deservability and worthiness have been released! Thank you, Rachel, for being such a wonderful coach and a true blessing to me and to those you impact.”

Anabel Quintanilla
CNWC, founder of

“Dear Rachel, I wanted to send a letter to share how much you have changed my life. I feel like my whole mindset has shifted and opened through the work we have done together your energy, love, support, and brilliance, have created such a beautiful place for me to learn and grow. You are showing up in life, and the most inspiring ways in your journey with me has given me so many gifts to impart to others around me – my kids, my team, future friends, truly everyone.

I want to be more and more like you, as I become more and more like myself. You make me want to listen more and talk less, to love more and hate less, and to take endlessly better care of myself so I can take endlessly better care of others. And luckily, I don’t need any of this with a need for perfection, but only want it, because it will make me feel better, and good… and I deserve that.

I’m not sure you will ever understand how anti-woo I was before I met you, and you have completely transformed the way I view myself and the world and how I want to be and live in my short time on the planet. Thank he will never be enough, but I’m so grateful for you and us.

All my love,

Julia Hunter
CEO Jenni Kayne

“Rachel – You will never know what a gift you have been for my life.  I’m so grateful for the way you held space for me to have my own experience. You never inserted yourself in my process. I found your presence and our time together to be very empowering. I have actually never experienced that with a mentor before. You helped me grow my own legs, and deepen my own roots.


What I learned in you holding the container in the way that you did was INVALUABLE. I have never experienced it (parents and healers and therapists always jumping in with their answer) and it was what I needed to stop recruiting energy and power from elsewhere and dig deeper within myself. Your faith and your trust in the process, in the universe, in the all providing goodness of life, allowed me to eventually feel it and find it too. On my own terms and in my own time. And I will continue to draw on my own cultivated trust for the rest of my life.
This has been the beginning of a HUGE snowball of the most life affirming decisions I have ever made for myself. Thank you for showing up with your loving, compassionate presence no matter what I brought to the table, and for always modeling the trust I needed to see. Thank you for being so deeply anchored in your own truth and your own life, allowing me to fly and flail as far as I needed to. Thank you for gifting me the time, space, and presence I needed to find my real Self. It is a gift beyond words. Thank you.” 
– Shaina Rico

“In just a few sessions you’ve completed changed my life.”

Meaghan Cox
Chief Brand Officer

“I love the depth of Rachel’s work. I love the gentleness and wisdom and complete acceptance of each person. I love the openness to discuss money. I love the action steps she gave me to take. I love the ease. Everything has improved. My confidence, my relationships, my communication, my income, my inner peace, my self-love, and acceptance. I love my life even more as a result of working with this amazing woman!!!
Rachel, I cannot express to you how much gratitude fills my heart and soul for having you in my world! Thank you! You are the real deal. I am just so overwhelmingly grateful to have you as a mentor. <3”

Wendy J Holloway
Certified Life, Health & Business Coach

“Rachel Madorsky is a thought leader with a vision to spread love. She is the real deal: authentic, loving, brilliant.”

Sara Connell
Bestselling Author and Founder of Thought Leader Academy

“Rachel, you are a gentle force of nature. You hit the heart of issues with surgical precision and speed. Thank for you equipping me with tools that empower me and make me feel like I’m being the person I want to become. Through our work together I’ve experienced significant gains at work and home, with family stability and peace, success and promotions, and better self-care than any other time in my life. Thank you so much.”


Brie Todd
Chief of Staff

Rachel is one of the most skillful, refined and experienced coaches alive. Rachel is exquisite at holding a ridiculously high standard for her own joy, satisfaction and alignment. She is devoted to accomplishing her fullest vision with grace and ease – and has taught me more about what that actually looks like. She is the real deal.

Jesse Johnson
CEO & 7-Figure Coach

“Rachel is, hands down, one of the top coaches in the world. She is able to go to the core of the challenge with clarity and courage while also holding tremendous space, gentleness and empathy. She will be a stand for you and your dreams in a way that only she can, co-creating powerful shifts with you from the first session. Your only regret in working with her might be that you didn’t say yes sooner!”

Juliet Trnka
Shaman for Leaders

“Rachel is not only an exceptional coach, but she is also an amazing human being! She has an intuitive nature and openness that most coaches and therapists don’t have. She can create deeper ideas and concepts that you can use in every aspect of your life. I was at a point in my life when I truly believed there was no going forward for me.

Rachel helped save my life, my marriage and has shown me how to give myself happiness I never thought I could have. I know we still have great work to accomplish together and I am closer to the best version of myself every day because she helped get me here ❤️ Thank you, Rachel.”

Sabrina Arche
Graduate student, mother of four

“Working with Rachel I received the tools to build a sturdy foundation for my new business and so much more. I also had an opportunity to see myself from a clearer lens. I was able to gain insight into my own patterns and show myself compassion instead of judgment.

Love flows through the fibers of Rachel’s work providing space for healing and transformation. I am grateful for Rachel and her program, truly a game and life changer!”

Erika Brown
Certified TCM Coach

“Rachel Madorsky is a force of nature. She is the embodiment of inspired passion. She is also profoundly honest, every conversation I had with Rachel was valuable. Whether it was through the deep insight she shared with me or simply her example of being, I always came away from our conversations in contact with a truer and more real part of myself.

Her reverence for all life is also infectious. Being around her cultivated in me compassion that slowed me down and forced me to feel. I bring more love and empathy to every relationship now, especially the most challenging ones. Rachel is destined for the world stage.”

John Patrick Morgan


“I just want to thank you so much for supporting me to be on this journey. I thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable, open, and authentic. You have changed my life for the better, and I will use what I have gained from our time together throughout my entire career.
This program was life changing. It was the greatest gift I could have given to myself, personally and professionally. Every coaching sequence and training call was a gift to be opened, experienced, and cherished. You can feel Rachel’s warmth and positive energy come through as you experience this transformation. Throughout this experience, I learned to say yes to the experiences that set my soul on fire, and to let go of the things that are no longer serving me. My ability to have compassion has developed even more, as I think about what peoples’ intentions are behind their actions. I realized my true dreams and desires, and I feel empowered to make them happen. I realized that I was not meant to remain small- I was put on this earth to create. Now I think to myself, “Are my dreams big enough?” 
Heather Gross, M.S. CCC-SLP, RYT
Founder of Live Vocally
“Since we started working together, I’ve been promoted to VP of Growth and Marketing and received a substantial raise as well as improved my personal life. Rachel is far more than an executive coach. She’s the perfect blend of professional and personal, we can talk about anything and everything, it’s holistic. For me personally, my work and personal life and everything in life is so blended which is why working together has been really amazing. I have made such positive improvements to how I work, how I think about work, how I think about work life balance, and I feel much more in tune with my professional path than I ever have before. I feel safe and comfortable, I’ve gotten so much out of our coaching; not only for my professional life, but for my personal life as well.”
Alexa Ritacco
SVP of Marketing and Growth

“Rachel, you are a brilliant coach and therapist, world-class, one of the best on the planet, not just because of your skills and your training, but because of who you are as a person, because of the life experiences that you’ve had because of the size of your heart, because of the reason that you’re on this planet, because of the evolution of your soul, because you are a giant, highly evolved, deeply intuitive, incredibly intelligent, hysterically funny, crushingly humble, lovingly honest, beautiful caring, like unshakable, integrity, human being.”

Vanessa Boers
Author, Speaker, Coach

“Rachel has an energy and vibe about her that’s wonderful and rare. She sees the best in you even when you can’t see it for yourself, and she will love you and support you until you do. This is priceless, transformational, and what makes working with Rachel such a unique and treasured experience. I am so grateful to have you in my life, Rachel!”

Aimee C. Teesdale
Success and Mindset Coach

“Even though there was a lot of success at the company, I was making things harder than they needed to be. I was so absorbed in my work that my stress was incredibly high. Thank you for showing me how help my team bond and learn the importance of work life balance. Now am kinder to myself to achieve the same or better outcome.  You’ve helped me recognize I can have anything I want. That’s what you do for me!”

Anne Pak

“I believe that every single person I know could greatly benefit from Rachel’s wisdom and tools for building a better career and life. She has reduced my anxiety, increased my confidence, and redefined the way I think about the world, my career, and myself in more ways than I can put into words. I am forever grateful for Rachel’s guidance and empathetic understanding of how much your personality affects your professional life. She continues to give me the tools to break free of old thinking that no longer serves me and envision and achieve the life and career of my dreams. Our time is so valuable to me.”

Jackie Beyer
President of Jenni Kayne

“Rachel, the coaching session with you was amazing! I have so much clarity from that one session with you in regards to how I want to be and what that feels like in my body. Being in your presence and the energy that you fill the room with as you held space and encouraged me and helped me see a glimpse of another way to be more me in this world is profound!! Thank you!”

Susan R.

“There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they help us to achieve. Rachel is one such person in my life.

Before I found Rachel I knew I wanted to chart a new path in my journey and have the most fulfilling life I could ever imagine, but I didn’t feel like I had the tools or know how to make that happen. This has been one of the MANY gifts Rachel has given me in the 3 or so years that I’ve had the honor of knowing her. Of course, I believe everyone is always a work in progress and I’m no exception, but to be blessed enough to have Rachel on my side, I have no doubts that I can accomplish anything that I want.

Rachel is an integral part of my team that supports me in pretty much every aspect of my life, whether she knows or intends to or not. 

To say that I recommend Rachel would be an understatement. Telling someone about her, for me, is knowing that if they make the decision to follow through with it, I have just given them a gift that has infinite possibilities in their life. She has been a true blessing and profound influence in my life and I feel very lucky that she was placed in my life.”


Shelly R.

A Note From Rachel…

It is it a joy and an honor to be a trusted guide in someone’s life. The secret to my clients’ success comes from their saying YES to themselves and taking action in the direction of their dreams. I am committed to creating profound value and exponential results for my clients – and they are committed to creating that too.

If you are willing to take inspired action on behalf of your own heart, combined with the insight of a trusted advisor who sees the best in you, you will become unstoppable, and your success inevitable. If this resonates with you and you’re ready to create your best life, I invite you to reach out. You are worthy of the success you desire. I can’t wait to support you and your dreams.

With much love,