Rachel is one of the most skillful, refined and experienced coaches alive.

Jesse Johnson
CEO, 7-Figure Coach

More freedom, love and power

To be seen and supported so fully that every goal becomes possible and each step toward it changes us into the person we most want to be – and actually are. This is the real path to success.

VIP Coaching: $150,000

1 Year, 24 Hours
1:1 intimate and dedicated coaching for powerful women who want to experience life and success on their own terms with more freedom, pleasure, wealth and ease. Customized corporate coaching programs available for C Suite and executive teams.

 I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world, many from one to three years at time and longer. There are some clients with whom I may collaborate with for life.

Coaching takes place via Zoom with some in person opportunities. Offerings include private individual coaching, as well as coaching, consultation and training for groups, work partners and executive teams. Primarily, I work with women who love to grow and are ready to fly.

If you are interested in working together, please email:


Serious inquiries only.