Direct and loving, Rachel wakes people UP from our collective slumber.

Bisan Toron
vocal artist, teacher

Personal & Professional

Having the privilege of working in the personal development field for over twenty five years (I started early), here are some of the titles I hold: psychotherapist, executive coach, bestselling author, transformational speaker, success strategist, truth-teller, encourager, comedic improviser, pet-lover, daughter, sister, wife, human, friend.

Early on I was witness to the sweetness of joy and terrible pain. Fortunately I found love, honesty and humor to be balms for healing. I knew I was here to grow and help others grow too. I wanted to help change the world.

My journey has taken me through exploring, speaking, teaching and performing around the world as well as studying people, business, social work, how the mind works and the nature of real and lasting change. Along the way I have had many incredible teachers – including my parents, amazing business mentors, and many of the world’s most sought-after spiritual leaders and coaches. All of these relationships have taught me not only what’s possible, but how to create it.

Today, I live with my husband, two adorable cats and one enthusiastic dog in Austin, Texas where I help ambitious women from around the world become the people they were meant to be, to express their power, love and gifts, to experience real self-love and joy, to create remarkable success inside and out, and live their fullest, most satisfying life.

My work is about you living your best life. If you let yourself, YOU CAN have what you want; the success, the money, the love, the freedom and every that goes with it. I will show you how to say Yes to yourself like never before, without people-pleasing or denying how powerful you truly are, and without settling for anything less than what you would most love to do, be and have.